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Mayro's Milers Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $50,000.00
Total Raised: $56,288.90

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 100
Members Recruited: 45

Join our team to have fun and help those living with arthritis!

We formed a team for the Walk to Cure Arthritis to help more than 50 million people who live with arthritis and their families who support them.

Join our team to help fund arthritis research, education and community programs, and get us closer to a cure for the millions who suffer from this debilitating disease, including 300,000 children.

Team Members:
Total Raised$56,288.90  
General Team Donation$5,705.00  
Mark Whited$17,233.00  
   Brody Armor$0.00  
   Melissa Armor$137.00  
   Brent Beerens$100.00  
   Virginia Boss$932.00  
   Michael Brown$1,228.00  
   Sue Byrne$250.00  
   Mike Carpenter$20.00  
   Chris Combs$0.00  
   Emily Combs$0.00  
   Kim Combs$0.00  
   Kurt Conrad$0.00  
   Sara Conrad$0.00  
   Joel Crowder$12,435.00  
   Vanessa Egle$50.00  
   Cheryl Ensign$978.00  
   Vikki Glaug$0.00  
   Peggy Herth$0.00  
   Carrie Humphrey$100.00  
   Mark Ingelin$250.00  
   Kyle Jessee$50.00  
   Cathy Johnson$50.00  
   Mayro Kanning$9,127.90  
   John Kolenski$0.00  
   Michael Mahedy$0.00  
   Evelyn Meyer$0.00  
   Heide Moser$100.00  
   Melinda Ollberding$1,195.00  
   Leah Pendergraft$862.00  
   Terri Porter$50.00  
   Angela Pruett$0.00  
   Payton Pruett$2,500.00  
   Alison Regan$0.00  
   Susan Scherer$30.00  
   Duane Snyder$25.00  
   Jim Snyder$25.00  
   Lynn Snyder$25.00  
   Rick Spillard$0.00  
   Laura Turner$100.00  
   Erica Vanzant$0.00  
   Vicki Watkins$2,206.00  
   Sandi Wentz$0.00  
   Lisa Williams$0.00  
   Frank Wilson$500.00  
   Donna Yotter$25.00  

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